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    Types of Surveys 

When we are instructed by a client to carry out any type of survey a letter of instruction will be send to the client, to be signed and agreed  confirming requirements and giving us permission to carry out the survey on the clients behalf, once we have received the signed copy we will undertaken the survey. 

For more detailed information about a surveys or for questions please  contact us 


General Condition/Pre-purchase Survey - for Motor or Sail

Is a comprehensive survey of the vessel under the following areas of inspection. 



Details of vessel - 

(age, builder, dimensions etc)



Machinery installations

Fuel systems



External hull structure- 

under waterline 



Stern Gear 

Electrical systems

3 Keel /skeg  15 Water systems
4 Topsides 16 Heating system
5 Deck and superstructure 17 Gas Installation


Internal hull structure -

(bulkheads and stiffeners etc)



Heads installation

Ventilation systems

7 Rudder and steering  20 Pumps
8 Skin fittings and valves 21 safety equipment 
9 Deck Gear - fittings equipment 22 Instruments
10 Windows/hatches 23 Moisture tests or ultrasonic Tests

Structural Surveys

This type of survey does not cover as much as a condition/pre-purchase survey, but concentrates on the structural condition of the hull and deck and all internal structural members, including hull, keel, rudder and steering, deck, superstructure, hull to deck joints, stern gear, skin fittings and valves, mast support and chain plates.  

Hull and Bulkhead Surveys

This survey concentrates only on the hull and bulkheads and does not cover what a pre-purchase or a structural surveys does. This survey focuses on the physical condition of the hull and the internal stiffening and bulkhead attachments.

Insurance Surveys 

Insurance companies will require a survey to assess the risk of underwriting the vessel, particularly if the vessel is over 20 years old. The scope of an insurance survey is similar to a pre-purchase survey being as detailed, but is more concerned with the structural condition and features such as skin fitting, valves, fuel and gas systems and the boats safety equipment.  

Valuation Inspections

Valuations are required for either obtaining insurance or finance for a particular vessel or for probate purposes. This can be included when carrying out a insurance or pre-purchase survey, or as a single requirement. 

Damage Surveys

Damage surveys are normally instructed by the insurance company, to determine the cause and nature of damage and to assess the extent of the damage/loss.

Full Rigging and Sails Survey 

Full survey of the boats rigging and sails, this concentrates only on the rigging and sails of the vessel and involves full inspection of mast and it fittings, for this type of survey the mast would need to be lowered. when a condition survey is carried out the rigging is normally only inspected from sight at deck level. 

Mechanical Surveys   

We are able to undertake Mechanical surveys on your boat systems eg, Electrical system, engine installations, and full engine surveys on certain types of engines. 

























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